Cash Drawer Utilities

Download Test Utility

Download Visual Basic Runtime

MS DOS based test utility:

Download Test Utility

Windows based test Utility:


This utility will only work on systems using Windows operating systems. Click on the Download link and save the file on the desktop. Go to the desktop (windows key + d) and double click on the file to start**.

In order to use the test utility you must identify the type of cash drawer
you are using:

  • Parallel interfaced (KPC)
  • Serial interfaced

- KC (single serial cable exiting the back of drawer, plug to connect power supply)

- KSC (female plug for 9 pin serial cable, plug to connect power supply, set of 4 dipswitches)

- KSI (female plug for 9 pin serial cable, plug to connect power supply, set of 10 dipswitches)

  • Be sure to reset the dipswitches as shown in the utility, remember to disconnect the power supply from the drawer and reconnect the power supply after every change of the dipswitches.
  • Printer-interfaced (Connecting through a receipt printer) either STAR, Ithaca, Epson or Citizen.

If the test utility opens the cash drawer then you may have a configuration problem with your point-of-sale software, and you would need to contact your software vendor.

**Some windows installations might also need Visual Basic runtime files. These files are also available for download.

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