IDTECH - Magnetic Stripe Card Readers, CCD Scanners

ID TECH designs and manufactures a wide range of Automatic Identification Products and components, which include MagStripe, Smart and Contactless Card Reader / Writers, Bar Code readers, CCD scanners, POS Keyboards, and Secure PIN Entry products. ID TECH supports its customers with standard products and custom solutions for the Point of Sale, Hospitality, Access Control, Transportation, Gaming, and Kiosk Industries. Our products are provided through OEMs, VARs, distributors, and directly to major end users. Our products are feature rich and provide practical, economical solutions to our customers needs.

ID TECH Key Injection Form ID TECH 80058501-002-H User Manual
ID TECH How to Get Your Pin Pads Injected ID TECH SecurePIN 100 Selling & Comparison Sheet
ID TECH MSR Encoding Guide ID TECH Versakey Compact Program Selling & Comparison Sheet
ID TECH uSign Selling & Compariosn Sheet ID TECH uSign Topaz Comparison


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